Statement of Teaching Interests

Being part of a Computer Science Department at any school , colleage, or university is of particular interest to me because of the department size that it will allow me to become involved quickly as a team member. As a faculty member, I will bring a focus on quality of teaching that is based on more than a decade of experience in computer science educational programs. I love to teach and feel it an honor to pass on my love for computer science to my students. My aim in teaching is straightforward; I not only want my students to learn the material but also to learn the ability to reason about the material as well.

Teaching is a passion of mine. From my earliest exposure to the field of computer science, I have respected the hard work of elucidating and communicating the body of knowledge to students through rigorously executed instructional material. As a lecturer, I have translated this respect into action by designing and producing my own supplemental instructional materials which have become a valuable asset to my students. I enjoy challenges and find teaching new students with diverse educational levels and backgrounds is a great challenge that is extremely rewarding to accept, understand and resolve.