155 - Computer Science Applications

Course Description : This Course Taught in Arabic Language for Non-Major Computer Science Students.

Upon completion of this course students :-

  • Experience the dramatic changes in the new 2007 MS Word version. There no more hidden submenus and hard to find features. Everything is on your desktop displayed by Ribbon buttons and group tabs. Learn how to quickly create and spell check basic documents, create and design tables, enhance your documents with watermarks and graphic images.
  • Explore the new and improved MS Excel 2007 environment to create, modify, and format electronic work sheets. Learn how to create and use built-in statistical formulas to manipulate data. Master techniques to copy and move work sheet data, change the width and height of columns and rows, insert and delete data, and check for spelling errors.
  • Create dynamic electronic presentations by using the new and improved MS PowerPoint 2007. Learn how to create presentations using built-in templates, themes, designs, and background styles. Apply different slide layouts to add titles, charts, tables, pictures and animation. Topics include how to use text, graphics, and sound creatively.

Course Syllabus for Computer Applications Class