101 - Introduction to Pascal Programming

Pascal Programming
By Elliot B. Koffman ( Latest Edition )

Instructor: Husain Gholoom
Office Hours: to be announced
Computer Lab: 7

Significant Language Features

Pascal contains some significant language features that allow it to used as a powerful learning tool in introducing structured programming techniques to students :

  • Built in Data Types- Pascal contains it's own built in data types of Integer, Real, Character, and Boolean.
  • User defined Data Types - Has the ability to define scalar types as well as subranges of those data types.
  • Provides a defined set of Data Sturctures- These data structures include Arrays, Records, Files and Sets.
  • Has a strong data typing element - Pascal compliers can diagnose an incompatible assignment of one type to a variable to another type.
  • Supports Structured Programming - This is accomplished through the use of subprograms called procedures and functions.
  • Simplicity and Expressivity - Because the language is simple and expressive in nature it allows for effective teaching of computer programming techniques.

Course Outline